Ian Stears Personal Trainer

I am a fully qualified personal trainer with over 15 years experience, working both in the fitness industry and in teaching. I spent many years teaching in further education and running a training provider, teaching people to become fitness instructors and personal trainers. I now devote all my time to personal training.

I have worked with a range of clients, including younger people, people with injuries, those with ongoing illnesses, disability groups, and older adults. I am also qualified to work with pre and post natal clients, and have experience working with post-natal women.

Throughout my career, I have worked with people of all ages both in mainstream education and those with specific physical and educational needs, delivering many different courses and practical sessions within a variety of settings. I have educated a range of people from those at the beginning of their educational journey to those with many years experience within the fitness industry.

Fitness plays an important role in my everyday life and is something I draw inspiration from and thrive to pass on to others.

Are you ready to join me in a journey to improve your overall health and fitness? Whether you are new to exercise, experienced in fitness but need a new direction or you feel you need to maintain your health, I can provide a programme to suit your experience, knowledge and personal circumstances to ensure you get the greatest possible training for you. I am always on hand to guide you through your development, as part of my commitment to ensure you every success in the future!